The Dentist (1996, Yuzna)

Brian Yuzna’s portrait of a dentist who rapidly loses his mind, taking out his rage on his patients is…exactly what one would expect. Corbin Bernsen as the Dr. Alan Feinstone is better than he has to be. This puts the film at a crossroads between the camp of the film and the earnestness of Bernsen’s performance. The film is on repeat for the most part. Feinstone either disfigures someone who has wronged him, disfigures a patient he imagines is someone who wronged him or disfigures someone after imagining filth on them. It is the same scenario over and over, without enough variety to keep it interesting. I can never tell if Yuzna wants his films to be taken seriously. Society certainly had more ambition and had a pay-off unlike anything else in existence. The Dentist is lacking in pay-off and ambition and is lackluster and entirely forgettable.


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