Here are the 20 film posters of 2010 that represent my personal favorites. The rule was only 1 poster per film. I do not claim these to be the best,  but the ones that caught my eye the most and that I personally find myself drawn to. Some of these films I’ve seen and some I haven’t. There is a shortage of great film posters these days so I hope you enjoy the ones I picked!

20. Best Worst Movie
All the green reminds me of Nickelodeon Slime; always a good thing. If you’ve seen Troll 2 or this documentary based on the making of it, it’s very fun to examine all the activity going on in it. The illustrations and the crowded composition make this a stand out.

19. Buried
This poster, which clearly evokes Saul Bass and his legendary poster art, is simple and engaging.

18. Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench
Fall is my favorite season, so the leaves and the use of color in both the bottom illustration and the title of the film make this a charming piece.

17. Date Night
This is a very smart poster. It uses simplicity and its star power to make its point with a spark of creativity, without relying on common tacky cliches. No tagline. No background. No credits. Just an image to spark your interest in the  Carell/Fey pairing and the film’s title. It’s refreshing and a tease.

16. Enter the Void
Gasper Noe’s latest work has, not surprisingly, split audiences. I haven’t seen the film, but I have seen the trailer. The reason this poster made it is, not only is it eye-popping, but it perfectly represents in poster form, what I saw in the trailer. The neon and the odd angle are representative of the feeling one gets from seeing the trailer.

15. I Am Love
The film’s main poster could have just as easily been used. The reason I chose this particular one is the way it links Tilda Swinton’s character with the film’s title. It’s use of color is fairly reminiscent to the way lime green its used in the film.The simple font in addition to me being a sucker for posters involving actors facing the viewer are also reasons for this poster’s placement.

14. Athlete
Besides not being a big fan of the text, everything else about this works for me. There was an entire series of posters for this documentary that all used stark black and white to create simple but effective image.

13. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
Remember how I said I’m a sucker for posters with actors facing the viewer? Exhibit B. Like Date Night, it’s the simplicity I’m drawn to. It calls back strongly to the original Wall Street but manages to create a new image that feels familiar in a good way. I found myself unexpectedly coming back to this poster again and again while compiling this list.

12. Biutiful
Exhibit C! Again with the simple background. It’s wonderful and goes perfectly with the font and colors used. The bottom half of Bardem’s face is not in focus and its really subtle and effective.

11. Let Me In
The poster campaign for Let Me In was consistently excellent. This is one of two versions of this image. This is by far the superior of the two nearly identical posters. The use of red is astonishing. The placement of Chloe Grace Moretz is entrancing.

10. A Prophet
A more subtle use of Saul Bass inspired poster art. I’m getting to the point where I feel like I’m repeating myself! The color and the composition. Exciting reasons, I know.

9. Wild Grass
This impressionist inspired poster is classic and sophisticated. This poster puts a smile on my face.

8. The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond
This is a brilliant recreation of an 70’s or 80’s VHS B-horror film cover. It transcends homage and becomes exactly what it sets out to be.

7. Blue Valentine
I love the positioning of the actors here. All the elements come together beautifully. The font and the black on the top and bottom balance out the main image perfectly.

6. Art of the Steal
Do I even have to explain why this is so great? It uses the image to give plot information within the newspapers. The image itself is more than memorable.

5. For Colored Girls
An example of a film I have no interest in seeing that has mutiple posters that are beautiful and exploit the potential of poster art. There are a lot of great posters that go with this film. This one of Akina Noni Rose is a stunning watercolor like image using a wide array of colors.

4. Centurion
Recalling smut like Barbarian Queen and Sorceress as well as male action flicks like Conan the Barbarian, this is an homage that never hides that it has violence on its mind. I love everything about this.

3. Dogtooth
I was very close to choosing another poster from this film like I love equally. I can’t shake the minimalist image here though. It shows up at the beginning of the film. I’m not really huge on this level of abstract but this struck me the moment I saw it.

2. The Social Network
This is an abrasive poster. It has an iconic feeling to it already and the film has plenty of cold and blunt moments that parallel the confrontational poster. This is a brilliant marketing piece that works both artistically and as an advertisement. It will certainly stand the test of time. It’s probably the best poster from this year if I had to choose one.

1. Black Swan
I wasn’t all that impressed with either of the widely released posters for Aronofsky’s latest. A series of 4 posters that have little distribution were released. This is one of them. Any of them could have been in this place. Only using red, white and black, these posters are exactly the kind of creativity and artistic ambition that poster art needs. I only wish these were the posters that got the wide distribution they deserve.


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