Hello everyone! Sorry it’s been empty here lately. I’ve been trying to catch up on 2010 films. When the new year starts and I get settled in at grad school, I’ll get back on a normal schedule which will include at least one weekly review. The next several posts in upcoming weeks will be focused on 2010 film lists. I’m a list maker by heart and subjective list making is a hobby of mine. It’ll also give readers a chance to see what I thought of a lot of the films I saw this year. None of these eventual lists are meant to be taken as purely objective. They are merely the opinions of one dedicated cinephile. I’ve never been a fan of lists being stated as factual and purely objective.  There are still many films that I probably won’t get to see this year that I REALLY want to (Rare Exports, Poetry, Secret Sunshine, Certified Copy, Get Low, I Killed My Mother, The Tillman Story, Lebanon, Lourdes, White Material, The Illusionist, Boxing Gym, Kings of Pastry, Waiting for Superman, Made in Dagenham, etc) and a few that I expect to see in upcoming weeks (Another Year, Blue Valentine, The King’s Speech, etc.) So my film lists won’t be as complete as I’d like to them to be but at the same time I’ve seen 103 films from 2010 thus far which is the best I’ve done in any year. Here are some of the lists I’ll be making in upcoming weeks:

Top Trailers
Top Song Usages
Top Performances
Top Disappointments/Overrated
Top Scenes
Least Favorite Films
Top 30 Films


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