This is my personal list of the 20 films being released in the US from January through April of 2011 that interest me most. The rest of the films I’m interested in are listed in alphabetical order at the end.

20. Caves of Forgotten Dreams

19. Orgasm, Inc

18. The Woodsmans

17. Cold Weather

16. 13 Assassins

15. Sucker Punch

14. Cracks

13. Old Cats

12. Incendies

11. Your Highness

10. Heartbeats

9. I Saw the Devil

8. Uncle Boonmee who can Recall his Past Lives

7. The Housemaid (seen it)

6. Dream Home

5. Certified Copy

4. Meek’s Cutoff

3. Hanna

2. Jane Eyre

1. Poetry

The rest:
The Adjustment Bureau
American Grindhouse
Atlas Shrugged: Part 1
Battle: Los Angeles
Black Death
Cedar Rapids
Desert Flower
The Double Hour
The Green Hornet
In a Better World
Into Eternity
The Last Lions
The Music Never Stopped
Of Gods and Men
Peep World
Putty Hill
Red Riding Hood
Red State
The Rite
The Roommate/Beastly in an epic bad movie double feature
Scream 4
Seconds Apart
The Sky Turns
When We Leave
Win Win
Winter in Wartime

One thought on “Top 20 Films to See Jan-April 2011

  1. I like that you also put Asian movies in this list, because I need a reference for them. I already watched ‘Biutiful’, it was deep and I do wish I have that 3 hours back. But you should watch it and have your own opinion.

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