Back in April, I made a list of the 25 Worst Blu-Ray Covers. I realized that with old and new releases consistently getting Blu-Ray release, there are bound to be many more terrible Blu-Ray covers that will not get the recognition they deserve. So this is a new feature to this blog. Look out for updates on truly terrible cover art that we can all laugh at and joke about (and be slightly embarrassed by if we plan to own the films in question). I present Case File #1: Beverly Hills Cop

For a point of reference, here is the original poster to Beverly Hills Cop:

And here is the DVD cover:

The Blu-Ray cover has taken a different course, branching away from the poster and DVD cover art. Murphy’s pose is in essence similar, but is the photo is completely different, putting him front and center. The worst thing about this cover art is the jarring contrast between Murphy, who is too large on the Blu-Ray, and the very fake overly simplistic background. It looks like they took the Beverly Hills Chihuahua cover art, erased the dogs, pasted Murphy in and called it a day. Lastly, by making the font more crisp (which they at least managed to keep the same), it looks very cheap, particularly making the red in ‘cop’ the brightest red imaginable.


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