Pariah – A-: I have been wanting to see this since it played at Sundance. It looks like a rather simple trajectory, but one that matters and told with a desperate forcefulness. Adepero Odeye looks superb in the lead role.

Tabloid – A: The new Errol Morris doc, so, clearly a must-see. Every single aspect of this trailer is right up my alley. Focusing on an eccentric personality? Check. Focusing on media coverage? Check. Darkly comedic tone? Check. My most anticipated doc right now along with Beats, Rhymes and Life and Senna.

The Guard – C+: One the one hand, Brendan Gleeson and Don Cheadle look like a an inspired comedic duo. On the other hand, the dialogue was the same joke over and over. Seriously; is that what the entire film will be like? I am not sold on the weak humor.

Lucky – B-: The trailer feels very rushed. Functions as a trailer working with the timeframe of a teaser. But I would definitely see this.

Dark Tide – C-: I am not sure this is the type of film Halle Berry should be making if she wants to get her career to the place it was several years ago. Tonally, this just does not work. It’s not scattered, but it is too paint-by-numbers. “From the director of Blue Crush and Into the Blue” does not exactly reel me in, although it does tell me this man likes the ocean a hell of a lot.



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