The Last Circus – B: Magnet has really become a wonderful outlet for foreign films in the action/thriller/horror genre to get US distribution. While international genre films are more likely to get distribution here than most other kinds of international fare, I’ll take any distribution I can get, and Magnet does a nice job of picking up films for their label. The Last Circus looks particularly extreme and specially crafted in tone and pushing limits. This is one I will keep an eye out for.

Dolphin Tale – C: The second this trailer starts, you begin waiting for the ‘based on a true story’ visual, and sure enough it comes up. I certainly have nothing against a family-friendly narrative about dolphins; I just don’t really care to see it.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked – D: Again; what could I do with this one? I am so unbelievably sick of this trend where CGI animals do an empty and lazy parody of a song or famous film scene. It’s happening everywhere I turn (or at least it seems so) and I was done with it before it started.

Griff the Invisible – B-: At once too light and then too melodramatic and then too I don’t know what, Griff the Invisible is another take on ‘superhero realism’, this time in the guise of a romantic dramedy. The only thing that made me really want to see this is Ryan Kwanten, who looks absolutely wonderful in this, fitting so nicely into the idealistic character.

The Muppets – B+: My love for the Muppets makes this one of my most anticipated of late 2011 (although at this point, a hell of a lot of films are falling into this category). I am a little worried about the amount of screen-time Segel has but I really like him a lot and I understand that this is his project. Right now it feels like we are getting footage from two different films. I hope it all fits together nicely and according to this trailer, so far so good.

Flypaper – B-: I am rooting for Flypaper; I really am. It looks like it could go either way. Mainly though, I hope the film is better than the trailer looks, because there is a lot of potentially fun wackiness afoot.

Puss In Boots – B-: This does not look half bad. It looks far more appealing than the last two Shrek films, and utilizes arguably the richest of the franchise’s characters. There are a few cute moments and excluding the character name of Kitty Softpaws, there is nothing outwardly awful here.

Love, Etc – C+: Love, Etc. is a documentary that, judging by the trailer, looks way too scattered, slight and polished to resonate in any way shape or form. I’m sure it will be touching and uplifting, but also irrelevant and processed.

A Dangerous Method – A-: My utmost trust in Cronenberg has me clawing at the walls for this film. And now we finally have a trailer. It looks like its trying a bit too hard to package itself as a melodramatic love triangle. Cronenberg always has something more interesting up his sleeve, even when he’s not the writer (he hasn’t been since eXistenZ). Between the subject matter, the kinky light bondage, the cast, the director and the time period…nothing can derail my interest in this one. I’ve seen most of Cronenberg’s work and (favorites being The Fly, Dead Ringers, Videodrome and A History of Violence) I hope to see the few I am missing before this gets released, which will hopefully be in 2011. And yet, I am quite possibly even more excited about Cosmopolis.






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