222. Happy Together (1997, Wong): B

223. Bound (1996, The Wachowskis): A-

224. The Young Girls of Rochefort (1967, Demy): B

225. Le Boucher (1970, Chabrol): A-

226. Rififi (1955, Dassin): A

227. The Battle of Algiers (1966, Pontecorvo): B

228. The Tenant (1976, Polanski): A-

229. Biutiful (2011, Innaritu): C-

230. Cold Weather (2011, Katz): C-

231. A Good Lawyer’s Wife (2003, Im): A

232. On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate (2002, Hong): A-

233. The Ward (2011, Carpenter): D+

234. Crying Fist (2005, Ryu): A-

235. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011, Yates): A

236. The Chaser (2008, Na): B+

237. The Isle (2000, Kim): A-

238. Insidious (2011, Wan): B-

239. Rango (2011, Verbinski): A-

240. A Town Called Panic (2009, Aubier & Patar): B+

241. Thumbsucker (2005, Mills): C

242. Super (2011, Gunn): B

243. 3-Iron (2004, Im): A

244. Sucker Punch (2011, Snyder): C-

245. Winnie the Pooh (2011, Anderson & Hall): B

246. Your Highness (2011, Green): D+


2 thoughts on “Screening Log: July

  1. #226 Rififi is amazing. There’s a whole ten minute robbery sequence in the middle of the film with no sound or dialogue. The effect is incredibly dramatic. My Dad bought me this movie and it looked terrible from the cover so I waited until a dreary Sunday afternoon to watch it. Highly recommend for those who like gritty 50s noir.
    Catherine, would you be open to adding my movie Night Music to your August viewing? It’s a psychological thriller shot here in LA. I can send you a link to our private screening page if you’re interested. http://www.nightmusicmovie.com mail@savileparkstudios.com

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