The poll results are in and there are definitely several strong contenders that voters seem to be most eagerly anticipating. I have a few planned posts coming up this month that I would like to shamefully advertise. The first is a review for The Ides of March which will be posted within a couple of days. October is always an exciting month for me as I love horror films. Every year I’d like to post a couple of horror related pieces. Hopefully next year I will feel somewhat ready to post a massive list of personal genre favorites. This month I will be focusing on Pre-Code horror. There will be a list including blurbs on all the films that do not make the cut. Something I have noticed in my viewings is that while the product as a whole tends to underwhelm (in some cases), there are always moments and/or aspects that stand out. The second horror related post I will make is a fun list of potential double features featuring pairs of horror films that I think would compliment each other in some way.

Without further ado, here are your results. Surprised? Pleased? Appalled? Share your thoughts!



8 votes – 23% – The Ides of March
7 votes – 20% – Martha Marcy May Marlene
5 votes – 14% – Take Shelter
5 votes – 14% – The Skin I Live In
4 votes – 11% – The Rum Diary
1 vote – 3% – The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence
1 vote – 3% – Sleeping Beauty
1 vote – 3 % – Real Steel
1 vote – 3% – The Thing
1 vote – 3% – Texas Killing Fields
1 vote – 3% – Johnny English Reborn

0 votes – Dirty Girl, Footloose, Fireflies in the Garden, The Big Year, Trespass, Margin Call, Retreat, Le Havre, The Three Musketeers, Anonymous, 13, The Double, In Time


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