A continuing commentary on my Top 25 Worst Blu-Ray Covers list from April of this year.

Let’s get this going again. Covering the worst in desecration against iconic posterdom in favor for tacky photoshop splatter for the ages, we turn our attention to 1990’s The Hunt for Red October. It continues to boggle the mind how decisions like this are made. Do the distributors actually think that changing 20-year old poster cover art is going to make more people buy their product? Usually the worst Blu-Ray covers work on two levels. First, they abruptly move away from imagery that has over the years become eternally entwined with the work itself. Second, they always replace this icongraphy with something ghastly. Case in point; The Hunt for Red October, which features a poster that one could instantly recognize from across the room:

I think we can all agree on that point. Now, look what at the end result of the Blu-Ray cover art:

The primary reason I can think for doing this is Alec Baldwin’s fame in pop-culture as of late. The original poster does not allow his omnipresence to extend forth. I cannot help but think a lot of these cover-art transformations are change for the sake of it. You know what this reminds me of…..?

There may be differences in what is taking place in the bottom half, but it immediately brought this drivel to mind and for that, it’s got another point against it. What do you think? Bad, but maybe not one of the worst? Okay with the change? Share your thoughts!


5 thoughts on “Worst Blu-Ray Covers: Case File #2 – The Hunt for Red October

  1. I don’t think there’s a soul in the world who could say with a clear conscience that this is a good change. Good lord. Alec Baldwin looks almost as bad as Bill Murray does on the cover of my Groundhog Day DVD.

    F- for this abomination.

  2. I spent over seven years in video retail, so I’m used to seeing changes like this on the DVD/VHS boxes and I’ve found 99% of them to be for the worst. Baldwin looks completely unrecognizable here, and not just because he’s younger and skinnier.

  3. I wish they all stick with the release poster or advance poster. SO many beautiful posters have been lost, like this one.

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