Welcome to the new year!!! I hope to see lots of interesting films this year from the past, recent past and present. I’ve already seen a couple of films that I would count among my favorites so I would say I am off to a good start! I have decided not to post a Top Scenes in 2011 Film this year. This is only because my list would be very inaccurate as I did a shamefully terrible job of keeping track what stuck out to me. While I could certainly point out scenes I would list as my favorites of the year, they would come largely from the song usage list or would be more moments than scenes. So on keeping track this year so that I do not run into this problem again, in order to bring this really fun list to everyone next year.I will however be posting my Top 30 Favorite Films of the Year very soon. I just need to see A Separation and Love Exposure.

I have started out the new year on three wildly different kicks. The first is Charles Laughton whose transformative talents have me salivating to see everything I can with him. The second is Benedict Cumberbatch whose vibrancy and beautiful voice fills me with joy and passion. The third is reading George R.R Martin’s A Clash of Kings which has me itching to get to April 1st as I manically anticipate seeing all of this transferred to the screen. In particular, Peter Dinklage and his hugely and rightfully acclaimed performance is what I look forward to most. I’m rather absurdly attracted to all three of these men for wildly different reasons and from time to time I find myself more taken by these superficial pulls than the actual content of what I see. Looks like this is one of those months in regard to my current interests.

1. Carnage (2011, Polanski): B-

2. Weekend (2011, Haigh): B+

3. The Private Life of Henry VIII (1933, Korda): A-

4. The Odd Couple (1968, Saks): A-

5. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947, Mankiewicz): B-

6. Goldfinger (1964, Hamilton): D+

7. Dirty Harry (1971, Siegel): B

8. The Sign of the Cross (1932, DeMille): C-

9. The Ox-Bow Incident (1943, Wellman): A

10. Safety Last (1923, Newmeyer & Taylor): B

11. How Green was My Valley (1942, Ford): D+

12. The Conformist (1970, Bertolucci): A

13. This Land is Mine (1943, Renoir): B+


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