My first review of the year will be Haywire. I will get it submitted to Criterion Cast by Friday. Hopefully it will be up here early next week at the latest. As far as current interests go, I have just begun “Deadwood” (finally). I am two episodes in and I am already completely hooked. The writing is superb; it just has its own rhythm to it and it becomes very easy to be hypnotized by its brand of speaking. Otherwise, I am just having fun catching up on older films that were gaping holes in my viewing. Catching films in the theater is not a priority right now, mainly because it just was for the past several months.

14. A Separation (2011, Farhadi): A

15. Freddy Got Fingered (2011, Green): D+

16. Mademoiselle (1966, Richardson): B+

17. Sabrina (1954, Wilder): A-

18. The Circus (1928, Chaplin): B+

19. The Leopard (1963, Visconti): A-/B+

20. Atlantic City (1980, Malle): B+

21. Pepe le Moko (1937, Duvivier): A-

22. The Big Knife (1955, Aldrich): C+ (I really enjoyed this overall, but there was one major weakness that makes the entire over-the-top grandiose film difficult to become invested in)

23. 12 Monkeys (1995, Gilliam): B+ (The giant red herring that is this film is not something I can ultimately get past.)

24. The Reckless Moment (1949, Ophuls): B+/B

25. Haywire (2012, Soderbergh): B-/C+

26. Kiss of Death (1947, Hathaway): B-

27. Panic in the Streets (1950, Kazan): A-

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