In case you haven’t heard, the final eight episodes of “Breaking Bad” have started airing. I’ll be doing video reviews of these final eight in an effort to preserve the more visceral enthusiasm I’ve had for this show, and to hopefully share some thoughts, observations and reactions with fellow fans.  I can’t put into words what watching this show has meant, as someone who is a lifelong fan of great storytelling. It has truly a privilege to watch this unfold. . I was going to write episode reviews, but I prefer to capture the play-by-play and to share my obsession with this show through video rather than typing. It’s a more immediate way for me to be able to look back on the show’s wrap-up. So I’ll be posting the videos from each week.

If “Blood Money” is any indication, then we are in for something really special over the next 7 Sunday nights.

Some topics covered:
– Why Breaking Bad, unlike recent show endings like Lost and BSG, is likely to actually live up to its expectations
– The ancient ruin of the White household and disorienting beginnings
– Pacing worries dissolved (!)
– The one tangible thing left to root for
– The “devastatingly casual” reveal of Walt’s current health
– We’ve been waiting for that ricin to be used for seasons now; How I Am Convinced It Will Come Into Play
– Walt and Skyler; bonded by costume color palettes
– The absence of a best-case scenario for Jesse
– The transparency of Walt’s bullshit
– Bryan Cranston’s masterful direction of that Walt/Jesse scene
– Jesse infects a random street with poisoned cursed money; discussing a haunting scene of perverted charity (big kudos to Dave Porter’s work here)
– Walt/Hank showdown: Diving into that game-changing climactic scene
– Thoughts on next week’s possibilities


3 thoughts on “Video Review: Breaking Bad Season 5B, Episode 9: “Blood Money”

  1. Hi there

    Took me trying 4 or 5 blogs with the name “filmenthusiast” (Because English is not my first lge + you whizzed through the name of your blog so I couldn’t make it out) (in an age where you can’t watch a video without a pop-up annotation asking you to subscribe, this actually says a lot about you : you were too modest to flog your blog on the video), then went on to “cinemaenthusiast” on tumblr, blogspot and wordpress to finally land here (thanks to my exceptional internet searching skills).

    – Watched the video in its entirety. A few ramblings :

    – Been listening to the Firewall and Iceberg podcast too and Dan, I believe, says that the fake ID and Carol’s reaction suggest that Walt faked his own death and goes on the run .
    – Don’t know whether or not you saw Talking Bad on AMC but on it V.Gilligan let on that the “moving parts” Lydia was talking about in the car wash were going to come into play in Buried, the forthcoming episode.
    – The R/C car in front of Hank’s garage brings to mind the time when Hank, trying to cope with Marie’s kleptomania, runs over a kid’s toy car.
    – Someone posted these plot leaks of the show. Haven’t gone through all of them but people say that they were right on the mark with regard to the 1st episode.

    Have a good day.

  2. ” I Wild Each It” made some brilliant points. I hope it’s all right to share them here.

    – I’ve thought it about since last nights episode and here is my theory on how the rest of the series plays out:

    I personally think that Jesse will turn informant and agree to testify against Walt.

    Before the DEA is able to make an arrest…Skylar, Walt Jr, and Holly are killed by Lydia’s Czech Republic guys, because Walt refuses to come back to cook.

    Walt’s house and assets are then seized (standard procedure).

    Walt uses Sal’s guy to fake his own death and goes on the run.

    But ala Gus attempting to kill Hector (a rat) with poison…Walt comes back to Albuquerque to kill Jesse (a rat) with poison (Ricin). Also remember Jesse was supposed to use that Ricin on Gus, but bitched out. It would only be fitting that not using it costs him his own life.

    Again ala Gus killing the cartel…Walt goes Scarface on Lydia’s people with the M-60.

    Lastly, Hank. Even though Hank believes Walt’s dead, Walt is killing his ass for the fuck of it. Remember the remote control car the kid is always playing with in front of Hank’s house? Did you notice them focus in on that last night as Walt drove up? They’ve done that before when Marie drove over it in one episode. I think Walt plants a bomb on that thing and drives it into Hank’s garage, when he’s in there taking a final look at all of his precious files.

    I think the shows final scene is Badger and Skinny Pete running a wicked train on Lydia, while dressed in Star Trek gear.

    The only question I have is does the show end with Walt dying of cancer, after he accomplishes all of the above? Or is he the only one left standing, and VG leaves the door cracked open for a movie down the road.

    You sir, are brilliant. Phone Post 3.0

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