In case you haven’t heard, the final eight episodes of “Breaking Bad” have started airing. I’ll be doing video reviews of these final eight in an effort to preserve the more visceral enthusiasm I’ve had for this show, and to hopefully share some thoughts, observations and reactions with fellow fans.  I can’t put into words what watching this show has meant, as someone who is a lifelong fan of great storytelling. It has truly a privilege to watch this unfold. I was going to write episode reviews, but I prefer to capture the play-by-play and to share my obsession with this show through video rather than typing. It’s a more immediate way for me to be able to look back on the show’s wrap-up. So I’ll be posting the videos from each week.

Due to my battery dying halfway through my review, this is being split into 2 parts. Don’t worry, it isn’t any longer than last week’s review.

Covered in Part 1:
– A few lingering thoughts re: “Blood Money”
– A female-centric hour
– Jesse bookends
– A twist on Western tropes
– The tour-de-force Skyler/Hank diner scene, Skyler’s trajectory and how Hank completely screwed up
-Continuing efforts to humanize Walt
– The money; forever buried?
– A heartbreaking scene between two sisters.

Covered in Part 2: 

– Sisters at odds, grappling over a baby
– Natural lighting
– Where is Walt Jr? With Louis I guess?
– Walter offering to give himself up?
– Shrouded eyes and Louboutins
– The return of Meth Damon
– The end of Hank’s career in sight.
– Where we leave off; Jesse fallen into Hank’s lap. Can he capitalize on this happenstance?


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