Let my series of 1992 posts commence! This is the 5th chosen year I’ve devoted significant time to exploring in my Top Ten by Year series. Each time I expand the festivities a little more. This time I’m initiating a Voters Poll, gathering up readers Top Tens and aggregating them into a set of results. The Movie Music Mix idea began with 1965 and then I went back and created one for 1983. The last year in this series, 1943, did not have a mix because of how difficult it proved to find anything I may have been looking for.

Everything involving 1992 has proven considerably more difficult because of the sheer volume of content. This mix was the toughest to create, not in terms of choosing what went on, but the ordering. The mix itself is all over the map, not feeling quite as quintessentially 90’s as one would expect.

The criteria is that the music on the mix is either part of an original score or music that comes from the time the film was made. For example, that means nothing from Reservoir Dogs was eligible. There are a few pieces I was unable to get access to. I would have liked something from J. Mascis’s score for Gas, Food, Lodging, and the song playing at the end of Hyenes. Additionally, I tried very hard to get “The Final Game” from A League of Their Own on there, but it’s an unwieldy and at times overly bombastic 13 minute piece that just wouldn’t fit.

This isn’t a mix meant to definitively reflect the year in film. It’s a mix that caters to my music tastes which I hope, and to a degree assume, will be enjoyed by others. And I must have seen the film in order to include its music on the mix.

The next post for this series will be What I’ll Remember About the Films of 1992: A Personal Sampling, an example of which can be found for my 1943 entry. It’s something I do to construct a scrapbook of sorts for all the viewing done in the past few months.

One last note: On 8tracks, you are only allowed 2 songs by an artist in a mix. There are three Danny Elfman pieces in my official mix, but on 8tracks ,”Birth of a Penguin II” has been cut. Below is a track listing and a link to 8tracks where you can listen to the entire thing. Enjoy!

8tracks link:

1992 Movie Music Track Listing: 
1. “Birth of a Penguin I” – composed by Danny Elfman – from Batman Returns
2. “Birth of a Penguin II” – composed by Danny Elfman – from Batman Returns (not on 8tracks version)
3. “Scrooge” – The Muppets (written by Paul Williams) – from The Muppet Christmas Carol
4. “Main Title” – composed by Thomas Newman – from The Player
5. “Deep Cover (aka 187)” – Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg from Deep Cover
6. “Waiting for Somebody” – Paul Westerberg – from Singles
7.Complain, Complain, Complain” – Tim Robbins – from Bob Roberts (very choppy version, with 20 seconds of silence at the end, but the best available on youtube)
8. “Thankful Heart” – Paul Williams (sung by Michael Caine) – from The Muppet Christmas Carol
9. “Prince Ali” – Alan Menken (sung by Robin Williams) – from Aladdin
10. “Helen Spies” – composed by Alan Silvestri – from Death Becomes Her
11. “Selina Transforms” – composed by Danny Elfman – from Batman Returns
12. “The Pink Room” – composed by Angelo Badalamenti – from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
13. “The World Has Gone Insane” – Alan Tam – from Full Contact
14. “The Crying Game” – Boy George – from The Crying Game
15. “Questions in a World of Blue” – Julee Cruise – from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
16. “It Was Always You, Helen” – composed by Phillip Glass – from Candyman
17. “Promentory” – composed by Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman – from Last of the Mohicans (longer film version, not the soundtrack version)


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