It goes without saying that this has been, to say the least, a disgusting past couple of days. It’s very difficult to reconcile the stupidity of others and the rather incredible modes of selective thinking and delusional rationalizing people embed in themselves in order to deny what is right in front of their faces.

But the reason I’m here is to share with you a jazzy fun mix from the films of 1958. Unlike 1992’s sprawling and unfocused scope, this is direct and punchy, alternating between jaunty bursts and brooding strings, the latter courtesy of Bernard Herrmann. There’s some tragically unknown gems in here, so do yourself a favor and discover these for yourself (thank me later). Next week I’ll have my ‘What I’ll Remember’ post for 1958 as well as the Top Ten By Year finale post. Below is the track listing as well as a link to 8tracks where you can listen to the whole mix. Hope you enjoy!

Movie Music Mix: 1958 

1. “Theme from Mon Oncle” – composed by Franck Barcellini and Alain Romans – from Mon Oncle
2. “The Night They Invented Champagne” – sung by Betty Wand, Hermione Gingold and Louis Jourdan – from Gigi
3. “Good Times” – composed by Elmer Bernstein – from Anna Lucasta
4. “Main Title” – composed by Henry Mancini – from Touch of Evil
5. “Prelude and Rooftop” – composed by Bernard Herrmann – from Vertigo
6. “Blues for Gassmann Parts 1 & 2” – composed by Piero Umiliano – from Big Deal on Madonna Street
7. “The Executioner Theme” – composed by Perry Botkin – from Murder by Contract
8. “Jalshagar” composed by Vilayat Khan – from The Music Room (Jalshagar)
9. “The Ballad of Thunder Road” – sung by Robert Mitchum – from Thunder Road
10. “Générique” – Miles Davis – from Elevator to the Gallows
11. “Scene D’Amour” – composed by Bernard Herrmann – from Vertigo 


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