Unsurprisingly, 1978 had some incredible music at the movies. I’ve gradually been gathering the tracks that stick out to me over the last several months, and grooving to them throughout the course of my 1978 watchlist. This has a somewhat similarly sprawling vibe as the mix I made for 1992. But it’s also, I hope, more succinct. I tried to bookend the mix with disco blocks (because YES), start and end with songs that make a distinct impression, and get a little more contemplative in the middle. There’s a lot of different sounds represented here and I hope I made them work together in some fashion. There was one song I was unable to get a hold of, which irks me to no end. It’s one of the songs Sebastian wrote for the Danish coming-of-age film You Are Not Alone. Those songs are virtually impossible to acquire in the US. Other than that, I was able to attain everything else. So I hope you enjoy! In case you’ve forgotten, it is required that all the music be from the time period I’m focusing on. I’m not so strict that it needs to be from 1978, but anything more than a couple of years off and it’s disqualified (sorry “A Song for Europe” from In a Year of 13 Moons).

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The mix is available to listen to on 8tracks. Just click the link below!

Movie Music Mix: 1978

1. “Rule Britannia” – Suzi Pinns – featured in Jubilee
2. “Grease” – Barry Gibb and Frankie Valli – featured in Grease
3. “Thank God It’s Friday” – Love and Kisses – featured in Thank God It’s Friday 
4. “From Here to Eternity” – Giorgio Moroder – featured in Thank God It’s Friday 
5. “Greased Lightning” – John Travolta – featured in Grease
6. “Hard Workin’ Man’ – Captain Beefheart – featured in Blue Collar
7. “We Used to do Things Together” – dialogue by Linda Manz – featured in Days of Heaven
8. “Bright Eyes” – Art Garfunkel – featured in Watership Down 
9. “Dry Your Eyes” – The Band and Neil Diamond – featured in The Last Waltz
10. “Prisoner “(theme from Eyes of Laura Mars) – Barbra Streisand – featured in Eyes of Laura Mars
11. “Halloween Theme” – John Carpenter – featured in Halloween 
12. Piece from Long Weekend (title unknown) – Michael Carlos – featured in Long Weekend
13. “Days of Heaven” (end credits) – Ennio Morricone – featured in Days of Heaven
14. “Born to Hand Jive” – Sha-Na-Na – featured in Grease
15. “Zombi” – Goblin and Dario Argento – featured in Dawn of the Dead
16. “Mongoloid” – Devo – featured in the short film Mongoloid
17. “Let’s All Chant” (full version) – The Michael Zager Band – featured in Eyes of Laura Mars
18. “After Dark” – Pattie Brooks – featured in Thank God It’s Friday 
19. “Midnight Express” (theme) – Giorgio Moroder – featured in Midnight Express


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