I’m in the final third of my research for Top Ten By Year: 1925 (I’ve got about 13 viewings left). With 19921958, and 1978 I conducted a poll with all you fellow film lovers, asking what your choices would be. It has been such a success so far, and it’s become the inaugural kick-off for festivities in the Top Ten By Year Project. Next month, be on the lookout for 1925 coverage; I already posted my Movie Poster Highlights of 1925 and coming up will be a What I’ll Remember post, the Top Ten, and of course the Poll Results.

Order doesn’t factor in for results, but you are more than welcome submit them that way. If you’ve only seen a handful of films from 1925, don’t merely a list of what you’ve seen. I only want submissions for films you consider favorites. If that means it’s only 1 or 2, that’s perfectly fine! I don’t want 10 for the sake of 10 or even 5 for the sake of 5. Only the ones you love. 

Leave your lists in the comments section. Voting is open for the next seven days.

3 thoughts on “Calling All Submissions for the Top Ten By Year: 1925 Poll

  1. The Big Parade (Vidor, USA)
    Faces of Children (Feyder, France)
    Seven Chances (Keaton, USA)
    Stage Struck (Dwan, USA)
    Kentucky Pride (Ford, USA)
    Master of the House (Dreyer, Netherlands)
    Orochi (Futagawa, Japan)
    Chess Fever (Pudovkin, USSR)
    The Freshman (Lloyd, USA)
    Battleship Potekmin (Eisenstein, USSR)

  2. Eisenstein – Battleship Potemkin
    Chaplin – The Gold Rush
    Lon Chaney – Phantom of the Opera
    Buster Keaton – Seven Chances
    Murnau – Herr Tartuffe
    Tod Browning – Unholy Three
    Von Stroheim – The Merry Widow
    Fitzmaurice – Dark Angel
    Harold Lloyd – The Freshman
    Lubitsch – Lady Windermere’s Fan

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