Hello everyone! I’m jumping ahead 80 years in the Top Ten By Year Project, from 1925 to 2005. Since my viewing choices will largely consist of ’05 films for the foreseeable, I’m posting my watchlist for any interested readers. Ideally, I hope people use it to look up films they don’t recognize or even join in and watch a few!

It took a long time to narrow this down. I chose 2005 because, while every year in the 2000’s is overwhelming to take on, ’05 seemed particularly ‘weak’ in certain areas, and I felt it would be a comparatively more manageable year to explore. And yet, when I asked for lesser known recommendations from that year on twitter, all sorts of suggestions came pouring in. Some I’d heard of, and many I hadn’t. I tried not to be completely beholden to the ‘I should see this’ ethos. Initially I wanted a mix of what was huge that year, what I was most interested in, and the bigger critical successes. I quickly realized this was too schematic and removed from what I actually wanted to see. So I tried to keep it mixed while prioritizing my interests.

I also decided to divide some of these up into themed viewing groups. There are so many films here, and I thought it’d be fun to come up with some categories. I also received some help from twitter folks, so thank you! Of course there is the potential for overlap here (ie. A History of Violence could also easily fit in the Graphic Novel category). Some of these categories are based on subject, theme, or genre, and a few (like Based on My Favorite Novels, Favorite Men in Hollywood Thrillers) are tailor made for my tastes.

I have ‘(RW or rewatch)’ in parentheses for the films I’ve seen and will be revisiting. I don’t have Capote on here because I rewatched it last year, and Grizzly Man I’ve seen several times.

What was the criteria for 2005? Release dates are trickier in recent years. I decided to go by US release dates for US films only. For everything else, I went with imdb (which goes by festival date premiere). So that explains why films like Brick and Hard Candy aren’t here. They’d count for 2006 by my rules.

Let me know what you think of the watchlist! And wish me luck!



3 thoughts on “Top Ten By Year: 2005 Watchlist

  1. I would suggest Mirrormask: a fascinating fantasy/coming of age film written by Neil Gaiman: Everything is Illuminated was offbeat, funny and interesting with some decent acting: Broken Flowers weird but very intriguing: Serenity was an excellent space/action movie with some interesting ideas. These are movies I have seen more than once that strike me as having more than one dimension of quality and a little imagination as well.

    1. Thanks! I’ve actually seen Mirrormask, and I like it but don’t feel the need to see it again for this. And the only reason Serenity isn’t on here is because I’ve seen it a bunch of times : )

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