I started this project in 2012 with 1935. And now, at the start of 2016, I’ve made my way back to the 1930′s to investigate and sample the kickoff year from that decade. This is my planned list of viewings complete with reading list. After the failure of 2005, I’m eager to reinstate myself into this project, so I’ll be posting capsule write-ups in groups of four for all 1930 films. I’ve already watched Let Us By Gay, Ladies of Leisure, Murder! and Anybody’s Woman so that will make up the first capsule round-up in the coming days. I’ll mark the halfway point on the watchlist with my trademark Posters post. And I invite anyone and everyone to participate in Top Ten By Year: 1930 by watching, following, and commenting on here and on twitter where I do tweet about what I’m watching as well as reactions, often with screenshots.


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