Now Available: Top Ten By Year: 1943 Zine


For years I have been using my Top Ten By Year Project as a fun and comprehensive way to dive deep into specific years in film. Last year I made a more in-depth zine covering 1969. I wanted to scale it back for time, and money, and create another one, more DIY and purposely scrappy this time, for a year that I covered on my blog five years ago: 1943.

Each page contains illustration/collage elements and a write-up of one film. The write-ups from the original blog post have been heavily revised and rewritten (& I think much improved!) for this booklet. I also have a page for Honorable Mentions & a sampling of things I’ll remember from the films of 1943. You can look at the item page & buy it here. It is only $4.99.

1949 update: I only have 15 more films to watch or rewatch and then I’m set to do my What I’ll Remember post, 100 Images from the Films of 1949, and my Top Ten By Year: 1949!