For the first time, I’m making a Top Ten By Year zine as I work through my watchlist for said year. This is a totally different way of working for me, since in the past I’ve been made zines from years already finished or just finished. There’s a lot I’m not able to do yet because of films unseen, but I’m slowly working through ideas and making pages while rewatching and writing about films I know will be in my group of 10. I’m a long way off, but it’s exciting to have this process be part of my journey through 1990 as opposed to entirely reflective after the fact. By the end of my watchlist I should have a new zine ready to go. I am aiming for a release date in the first half of summer, but I’ll have more specifics in the Spring for anyone interested. In the meantime, please take a look at my Etsy page where I have 3 other movie zines currently for sale (1969 is sold out, sorry!)

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