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Xtro, Pieces, Friday the 13th Part 3

Top Ten By Year: 1982. I know, I know. 1982? The year everyone, fanboys and cinephiles alike, drool over time and time again. 1982? The year of supposed near-countless riches? Isn’t the whole point of this project to pick what could very broadly and artificially be classified as under-the-radar years? Years I haven’t seen much from, that haven’t been as poked and prodded by the words of others? Well, yes. But there’s another important half to why I choose the years I do, and that is; what films do I want to see, and where do they reside? As it turns out, 1982 lays claim to a significant chunk of films I want to see more than anything else out there, films I’ve been meaning to see for years but haven’t gotten around to. Films like Cat People, One from the Heart, Der Fan, Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean, Losing Ground, Smithereens, Personal Best, Starstruck, and Deathtrap. So why not kill nine flies with one slap and then some? So that’s how I arrived in 1982; because it has more films I’ve been itching to see than any other eighties year.

This watchlist is fluid. There’s obviously overlap in the fun-for-me categories, films that could be combined differently or put in other categories. I love categorizing things (while being conscious of the critical difference between categorizing and defining), and these groups help me organize my viewing plans. I don’t watch everything in a category with each other, but I do watch them together. Confused? For example, on Thursday I watched Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid. When I get home from work tonight I plan on watching Diner.

You’ll see some biggies not on here. I have my reasons. Some I’ve seen, some I haven’t and don’t feel obligated to, at least for this project. I’ll drop some of these films along the way. At the beginning, everything seems essential. Right now you’d have to pry The Pirate Movie from my cold dead hands. Three months into this I might feel the opposite. Top Ten By Year: 1982 will undoubtedly take up the rest of 2016. Let the journey begin.


1930 Watchlist (Top Ten By Year)



I started this project in 2012 with 1935. And now, at the start of 2016, I’ve made my way back to the 1930′s to investigate and sample the kickoff year from that decade. This is my planned list of viewings complete with reading list. After the failure of 2005, I’m eager to reinstate myself into this project, so I’ll be posting capsule write-ups in groups of four for all 1930 films. I’ve already watched Let Us By Gay, Ladies of Leisure, Murder! and Anybody’s Woman so that will make up the first capsule round-up in the coming days. I’ll mark the halfway point on the watchlist with my trademark Posters post. And I invite anyone and everyone to participate in Top Ten By Year: 1930 by watching, following, and commenting on here and on twitter where I do tweet about what I’m watching as well as reactions, often with screenshots.

Top Ten By Year: 1978 Progress Update

Greetings and salutations! For most of 2012, 2013, and some of 2014 I was diligent about writing up capsule reviews for every film I watched. I still jot down thoughts about everything I see, but in my old-fashioned paper journal, for my eyes only! So I realize it looks like I’ve dropped off the face of the earth; but I haven’t! I should be looking for a second job but instead I’ve been procrastinating and making lots of progress in my 1978 (re)watchlist. I can tell you that along with 1992, and possibly 1943, this will be the toughest year I’ve tackled re: the culminating list. I’m relishing the offerings of 1978; there’s been a lot to love and I’ve still got a ways to go. If I stopped now and did a top ten based on what I’ve seen and re-seen so far, it’d be a strong group. And I’ve still got to re-watch four films that are basically guaranteed spots.

So here’s my paper watchlist (because there’s nothing more satisfying than physically crossing something off with a pen. I’ve been doing biweekly updates on twitter, instagram, facebook, etc. But not here! Which I realize is silly. So here you go:

IMG_20150206_115410Started: December 14th, 2014
Watchlist: 32/51
Rewatchlist: 6/12